Friday, February 5, 2010

Healthy Self - Esteem

A healthy Self Esteem is crucial in our daily life since long time ago. A healthy Self Esteem will bring us to a better lifestyle. But what is Self Esteem? According to Online Dictionary, Self Esteem is being defined as "a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself".

Being healthy in Self Esteem could also being define as having a reasonable level of self confidence in oneself. But if a person is being over - confidence, other people will view this person with huge negative personalities.

An over confidence person will be identified by other people as being ignorant and unable to face criticism and advices. Another meaning for the over highly Self Esteem will be regarding oneself of being above or superiors than others and have an unrealistic positive perception of oneself that could lead oneself to being arrogant and self indulgent.

A healthy Self Esteem could be influenced by a lot of factors such as family background with the individual bring up, other peoples' reactions to you, your own thoughts and perceptions, school and extracurricular experiences, Work experiences, illness, disability or injury, culture, religion and role and status in society.

It is crucial to have a check on Self Esteem from time to time as a healthy level of Self Esteem will bring out the best in ones life. This Link consist of the range of Self Esteem where individuals could check their level of Self Esteem.

The benefits of having a healthy Self Esteem will allow individuals to experience secure, worthwhile and positive relationships with others. You feel confident about your abilities and tend to do well at school or work. You're also open to learning and feedback, which can help you acquire and master new skills.

The link below contains suggested ways boost one Self Esteem:

Through this, one may choose to follow it or to find another fine ways to boost up their Self Esteem. When i look at this Website, i find it quite interesting. It may not be the best creative ways to boost one Self Esteem, but it is definitely a way to ponder upon and to see if it is applicable or not.