Thursday, July 26, 2007

Branded Self.

Since young, we have been exposed to branded things when we follow our parents for shopping and through other medias such as TV and Internet. We Subconciously think that BRANDED things is good and symbolized a very important status, Pride and Dignity. but have you ever think before that the truth is that it is actually we, as the Human Being are making the lifeless things to be BRANDED, not that the branded things make us look BRANDED.

Look at all the Hollywood, Bollywood and Hong Kong artist and celebraties. It is them that make the LIFELESS THINGS to be BRANDED and famous. The thing that i want to say is that when we are famous or full of confidence or Have Plenty of Knowledge, whatever we wear and how we dress up will looks cool and great even if the clothes are not BRANDED.

So i disagree in idolising BRANDED things. Some people really had no self-controlled and keep on persisting in buying BRANDED things. Cars is another good example where MAN are dying to get an expensice car as they thought that an expensive car Symbolized a high status and rich. They thought that people didn't know that their "EXPENSIVE CARS" are being bought by car installement with more than 7 years car loans. These kind of people are so Naive. They know that their financial status can't allowed them to get an expensive cars, but yet, they still go for it for the name of PRIDE and EGOISM. This kind of thinking is so silly and Naive.

Which kind of people do you think have a higher Assets and Properties? 1st group of people do not have expensive cars and BRANDED things, but always go to exotic places for holidays and to see more things at the other of the world and every year have at least 5 to 10 trips to other countries. 2nd group of people have some BRANDED things and 1 Expensive cars, but can't even afford a trip to other countries for more than 10years due to multiple loans and credits burden.

So which 1 do you think is better? Which 1 do you want to be? The 1st group with less Loan Burden and less So-Called BRANDED things but manage to go for holidays every now and then. or the 2nd group of people that keep on buying BRANDED things to make himself or herself to "LOOKS" more confidence.