Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Memories.

Good memories is great to have it. Life without Memories is so dead. Some of the Good memories are so nice to have and it is great to be kept inside our heart. Some of the things are not meant to be exposed out.

Looking back at the memories, it feels like it just happen yesterday. it's like "it is so near, yet it seems so far away". when the Memories is sweet, we wish and hope that it will stay everlasting in our heart.

Sometimes i do wish that time will stop at this particular second so that we may enjoy this particular time. But too bad, when that sweet time arrive, it will leave without obtaining our permission. No matter how badly i wish time will freeze at this moment, it will leave us. Whatever is done, let it be done.

Since we can't stop the time, we can captured sweet memories in Photos. Thanks to the creator of Camera. Lol....

Can you spot "The One"? All so serious. Natural is good. Things that happen secara semula jadi is good.

But when Nightmare Memories happen, what can we do to cope with it? Bad Memories about the mistakes we did in the past. What can i do to change and make things right? Bad memories will generate Guilt in us that ultimately will lead us to suicidal when we didn't manage it properly.

Have you experience before that no one come to your aid in time of Distress? Even our Heavenly Father didn't answer our call of distress? Like what happen to JOB???? it is scary. and i can assure you that you will wish you would rather not being born into this Earth.