Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Priorities in Life

Have you come across a time in your life when you question your priorities in life? i did. and it's happening now. Previously my priorities in life would be studies, lifestyle that bring glory to GOD, friends, girls and hobbies. Now i'm in a midst of evaluating my current priorities. Certain Priorities does it worth it to continue to hold on to it?

i'm a bit worry for i'll be entering into corporate working world by end of this year. Some of my friends have no problem adapting into the working world as their motivation is driven by money. That may causes them to have a high level of tolerance and patiences even though they are being Boikot by their colloueges and sclded by their superiors till the max.

i'm expecting to be scolded and given bad comments by my upper managements if i ever can't perform till the best. But i have doubts in my ability/effeciency in adapting into the corporate working world. Another priority that i need to improve is my lifestyle that reflects GOD's glory. i can't do alone but yet it seems like there is none that will be available for support and encouragements. What a sad case? Maybe it's a good thing as this may encourage me to be independent and relying on GOD instead of Human being as mankind are all the time imperfect.

it's good be evaluating your priorities from time to time as priorities may shape your future. What you sow now is what you reap in the future. Be careful of your priorities. Sometimes you may not know your priorities as you have been doing unknowingly in your subconscious. Stay alert at all times.