Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time is Valuable.

When i see this picture, i was astonished by the statement. i kind of like the statement. Your time is important and so does mine. i don't mind spending some quality time with the one i truely Love. But when the other 1 does not appreciate you anymore, then it would be no point giving your precious time to that particular person.

I learn a valuable lesson. Friendship requires both parties effort. I do appreaciate every single minutes in my life which is given by Our Heavenly Father. Wake up from the Dream because it is the time now to chase the Dream.

i Dream and hope and wish to found the 1 that i truely Love. but life is not just about romance and love only. There is still a lot of meaningful things to do in our life. Cheering up other people, caring for some1 else, building up our career, aiming to go to other poor places to do charity works or creating and inventing some new stuff. We can go extra miles and further with Love.

i do understand that life sometimes is so dead without Love inside. because i Personally experience that before = A Life Without LOVE. and it is very scary. It is like a nightmare. but thank GOD that it is only for a short period of time only. So i truely understand the feelings of a life without LOVE. Life without LOVE is like a world where everything is Grey. Thank GOD i manage to get out from this kind of situation in a very short time.

Time is Valuable and that is why when i see some the things will not bear any fruits even if i put my time into it, then i'll quit that particular things. So sometimes you will see that in the 1st place i'm motivated to do certain things. but half way through, i seems like on the way of giving up to do that thing or drifting away. it is not that i'm a loser, but i see that there is no bright future or positive results even if i continue to pursue the thing or person.

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