Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Focus on GOD

There was a story about a couple who is John and Janice that is on a journey bringing a donkey from their village to the town to sell it. In the begining of the journey,this couple were walking side by side with the donkey. Some passer by saw it and says that they were stupid for not riding the donkey since they are going to sell it off.

So John sit on the donkey while the Janice walk on the side. As they were walking, another passerby had seen them on the things that this couple are doing and the passerby says that John doesn't love the wife as he is letting his wife to walk and suffer while he is sitting comfortably on the donkey. So the John take turn to walk while his wife is sitting on the donkey.

As they were walking nicely towards the town, they meet up with some passers by. This time, the passers by says that Janice is torturing the donkey by sitting on it. As the couple were feeling bad for the donkey, they change their position by carrying the donkey on their shoulder.

When they thought that they are doing the right thing, another passers by says that they are extraordinaryly stupid for carrying an animal, while you as a human have the authority over the animals. It should be another way round, that the couple should be riding the donkey to the town and not the other way round.

Human being are a
UNIQUE creature. Everyone had their own thinking and understanding and acceptance and needs. It is pointless to put effort to satisfy Human Being. Whatever you do, there will always be someone out there that will always go against your action and decision. Human Being should fulfill their responsibilities on earth and continue to do GOOD deeds.

Mankind could extinct in the future. Earth will probably not last long. There is no limit in earning Money and we can finish spending our money in a split second. Relationship can break at any times. It seems like nothing last forever. But there are 2 thing that will last for eternity; Heaven and Hell.

GOD's Love is unlimited for his children. GOD and Jesus Christ never fail to fullfil his promise to us. So why wanna satisfy Human Being when they can failed you at anytime, at anywhere, at any costs? It is always the smarter choice to focus your life, objective around GOD. Always maintain a moderation while an extremist with a wrong thoughts will become a disaster.

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