Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rome was not build within a day.

I was once lost but now, i'm found. Things that happen in the past will remain as memories. What is important is how we live our life in the future. There was once i'm aimless, unmotivated, unsure about what i truely want. The outcome? it's sucks.

Uncertainty had grab a better hold in me. Will it last forever? nope.... i don't think so.... there's a better things to be done and to be worried. Setting my eyes on the bulls eyes and keep on trying to hit that target is the best things to do now. will i be able to do it? Surely i can do it..... I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.

Changes is coming on the way. i'm not a superman. Changes takes time. It won't happen in a split of second or in a blink of eye.But once target is being set, hitting the target will be the most important things to be done. Lone Ranger is never a nice thing to become. its not something cool.

Certain things are not meant to be done repeatedly. Certain things needed to be done repeatedly because of no choice such as eating, sleeping and going to washrooms. We need to move on in certain things and i can't always stay in 1 area. Sometimes taking a break from the things that we're doing now for a short period of time would be great.

It's a good thing to experience a time and situation of being aimless, unmotivated, a sense of left out, not being appreciated, no love and uncertainty. Feelings of those that are experiencing it will be understandable. Right thing to be say at the right time at the right place can be achieved.

A lot of things needed to count on ourselves to achieved it. But we can't do things on our own. we need others opinion to make a better judgement. Peoples that are standing in a different place will have a different point of view because they may see different things that our view may probably can't cover. Being a dictator is pointless. Our own opinion will never be correct forever.

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