Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things that You can't Live Without it.

Life without a car is traumatizing. Trust me…. I’ve experience it before. Since the day I obtained my driving license and car until now, I find it difficult to live a day without a car. I’ve experienced twice of not having a car to drive. It causes so much inconvenience.

On the 1st time, I got to live for 3 weeks without a car. The 2nd time was better as I only need to live for a week without a car. There is Pro’s and cons in these twice experience. The bad part about it was that it causes my life so freaking inconvenient. But the good side about it is that it makes me realize the importance of my car and to appreciate it till the max.

When I didn’t have the car in these twice incident, I need to ask for friends and cousins helps to drop me on certain drop off point. If I ever needed to go to some other place which is further, I may need to take buses and LRT. Changing bus station and LRT station are very troublesome. Luckily I was used to take public transportation when I was young that time.

Every night I can’t go out till middle of the night as I don’t have any transportation to go home. Some of the opportunities of joining events I may need to let go. Wanted to drive “The Love One” to go home and other places will also be a difficulty.

Recently while I was taking bus due to my car “Masuk Kilang” I manage to have an opportunity to think of a few of the things in my life that I can’t live without. For me, I can’t live without Christ in my life.

Friendships, love and money are also important to me as I find that life will be meaningless without these few things. Love gives me hope while experience, career and money provide me confidence. Acceptances from good quality friends are important as we can learn a lot of things from good quality friends.

What about yours?

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