Monday, February 9, 2009

New Door

GOD is Perfect. GOD is always full of surprise. Every year end, i will have 10 weeks holiday breaks. During this time, i will find part time jobs to equip myself and to learn more new things.
On 2008 before my long term break that starts at the end if November, i have started to look for part time jobs since September. i have send in numerous application to different companies but no replies. i have ask around all my friends and relatives but they will either tell me that they will look out for me or they will simply give me FUNKY unreasonable reasons which some of it quite annoyed me.

Ok guys!!!!! i know the questions that ran through your mind. You guys definately ask 'Did you pray to GOD'? i did pray and ask GOD for an open door. Just when i'm almost given up the idea of getting a part time job when out of a sudden, a friend of mine offer me a job for only a month. so i thought of why not just go and try it out.

So i've settle for December. Then i ask GOD what about the month of January? Quite funny is that i thought of holiday for 1 whole month in January. but on the final week of December, another friend of mine told me that her company needed people. Of course i say "it's COOL" and the company miraculously agree with my request of only hiring me for 3weeks with 1week of holidays in between the 3weeks. GOD shows his miracles usually on the most desperate seconds.

i have even borrow Heroes Session 1 Series from my friend to watch it during my January month holiday. But i manage to get a job, so i got to delay watching it and pass it back to my friend later. My friend almost gonna screw me up for borrowing it for so long.

Although this 2 jobs are quite short, but i manage to learn a lot of stuff. Human communication, working skills and above all i've learn to depend on GOD more and more each day. It is crucial to fill my mind with positive Thoughts and thinking as POSITIVE THOUGHTS will be Projected out through my actions and end results.

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